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From the Ranch Gate to the Dinner Plate

Most Americans are several generations removed from a background in production agriculture, and have little if any, first-hand knowledge about where their food comes from and how that food is produced.  America’s sheep farmers and ranchers produce high quality food and fiber in an ever-changing and increasingly complex environment.  Stewards of the land, these farmers and ranchers provide wildlife habitat, open space and a myriad of other benefits that enhance our communities and our nation. American Lamb is raised from coast-to-coast, and border-to-border.  From the Ranch Gate to Dinner Plate was filmed in Colorado, and takes a look a seasonal look production practices in that state.  December 2012

 To order copies of From the Ranch Gate to the Dinner Plate dvd send $5/dvd (includes S & H)

Make check or money order payable to Colorado Sheep & Wool Authority, PO Box 292, Delta, CO 81416

You can view the individual chapters of From the Ranch Gate to the Dinner Plate by selecting a chapter from the list below. You can also watch the chapters on by searching for "American Lamb:  Ranch Gate."

Part 1: Introduction & Where do those chops come from?  (11 minutes)

Part 2:  Where do those chops come from?  (5 minutes)

Part 3:  Processing Plant (7 minutes)

Part 4:  Challenges  (8 minutes)

Part 5:  Why does American Lamb cost more than imported lamb?  (4 minutes)

Part 6:  Consumers & American Lamb  (2 minutes)

Part 7:  Why chefs love American Lamb!  (6 minutes)

Part 8:  Cooking Techniques:  Barbecuing American Lamb (6 minutes)

Part 9:  Cooking Techniques:  Braising American Lamb (10 minutes)

Part 10: Cooking Techniques:  Grilling American Lamb (8 minutes)

Part 11:  Cooking Techniques:  Roasting American Lamb (6 minutes)

Part 12:  Cooking Techniques:  Mediterranean Roasted Leg of Lamb (7 minutes)